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What is Alpha?

– A shared meal
– A short talk or video about the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the Faith, the Bible, or healing — and how they relate to us
– Small group discussion that unpacks who God really is, and who we are in light of that
– A safe place where you can ask life’s deepest questions
Alpha is NOT:
– A class of lessons
– Lectures on theological teaching
– An exhaustive treatment of everything Catholicism has to offer

Who is Alpha for?

– Young or old
– Converts or cradle Catholics
Any person of any faith who wants to live life to the full (John 10:10)
– The cold, lukewarm, or on-fire
– People who want to get more connected to a wonderful parish community
– Single, married, and adults with families (FREE babysitting will be offered)

What will Alpha do?

– Help you rediscover that Beauty that is ever ancient, ever new
– Help you practice the Presence of God in your daily life
– Remind you of your worth
– Deepen your spirituality
– Form lasting friendships
– Energize your faith

But I already go to church…

Great!  God is very pleased. However, there are some people who attend church every week to worship, but have lost the personal connection with the God whom they are worshipping.   Hundreds of our parishioners at St. Basil now get more out of Mass, Catholic devotions, and prayer than they used to before they attended Alpha.   One thing is for sure with our Faith — we can never exhaust its riches.  
We can always go deeper.   
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Participant Comments

Stephanie :  Alpha has inspired me to do more with my faith and has given me a practical way to share it.

Polly :  What benefits from Alpha?  How about better prayer, scripture reading, talking with the Holy Spirit throughout the day, building a bond with others – it was overpowering.        

Judy:   I loved it all !!! Alpha has given me so much joy knowing that God loves me – loves me. The talks and table sharing were inspiring.  

Jestina:  It was overwhelming and amazing to feel the Holy Spirit that strongly.   Am more connected to God and I know that God truly forgives me.  My faith grew from a 2 to a 10 through Alpha. 

George: Before Alpha I would describe myself as a Sunday Catholic, after Alpha I am closer to the Holy Spirit and stronger in prayer – I am no longer a Sunday Catholic, it is part of me. 

Diane:  Lit a fire in my heart to grow deeper in my faith.  Brought me back to confession after 30 years!!

Pete:  It has allowed me to slow down and recognize God’s Grace in my everyday life, and recognize the ways you may be that little piece of Christ in someone’s life.

Susan:  It has helped me recognize God’s amazing grace in my life.  He loves me no matter what I have done, and he offers me forgiveness and unconditional love.  He is always by my side as I struggle.  I share my doubts and love through prayer.

Anthony:  It has made it more rich and meaningful.  I am able to deal with life, both good and bad, in the context of the grace of God.
Alvin:   I was blown away by the retreat experience.