“God’s People Step Up” starts January 24th, 2019 Scripture Study

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Bishop Perez letter and Q&A on Child Protection



To read Bishop Perez’s November letter on the Protection of Children, click here.


To read the Questions and Answers from the Diocese of Cleveland on Child Protection, click here.


The Next Game

The Next Game is a nonprofit organization run by student athletes. Our mission is to provide new and used sporting equipment & apparel to children and families in need. We have athletes in need of cleats, bats, balls, racquets, gloves, etc. If you have any of these new or used items, please consider donating. Look for drop bins in the church vestibule.

Equipment drive runs August 25th & 26th. Also, monetary donations are greatly appreciated at: thenextgamedonations.com site.

For additional information please email: thenextgamedonations@gmail.com or call 440.584.0280. Thank you!!


Up Close with Bishop Perez

Would you like to learn more about the Bishop?

Tune in to a.m.1260 The Rock on September 13th at 5 pm for the third episode of Table Talk with Bishop Nelson Perez.

Join host Dick Russ for a one-hour conversation with Bishop Perez including questions submitted by you. What would you ask Bishop Perez if he was sitting at your kitchen table? Submit your questions to tabletalk@am1260therock.com by August 23.

For audio archive of previous episodes,visit www.am1260therock.com.


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Honduras Medical Mission Team Departs

Please keep the following in your prayers as they travel to Honduras August 4th through the 11th bringing necessary medical supplies to our Mission in Honduras and assisting with the villagers medical needs.
The Medical Team is: Joseph Vasil*, Michi Gray, Mark Iacobelli*, Paul Iacobelli, Amanda Malave, Mark Modic*, Mary Beth Modic*, Mary Tuininga*, Sandy Payne, Fr. John Mulhollan*, Wilber Garcia (from El Salvador), Daniel Prater* and Allison Smith*.
(* denotes St. Basil the Great Parishioners)


Summer PSR – grades 4-8, June 11-22, Mon-Fri, 9am-Noon

Summer PSR dates – June 11-22, Monday through Friday, 9am-Noon.  Plus Advent & Lenten reunions on a Sunday from 1:15pm-2:45pm.  
Registration forms will be mailed in the beginning of April.  
The phone number for the PSR office is 440-526-3520.   


What is Prayers Rise, Grace Falls?

Prayers Rise, Grace Falls is our monthly parish prayer focus.  To learn more and pray with us, click here.


Sign up for Daniel Plan – starting Sept. 13


Fr. John’s Article for Those Starting College

What I Wish I Knew Before Transitioning to College
Dear St. Basil Family,
A new school year has arrived, and our young people are busy with studies, sports and activities! I recently came across the following  article in our local Sun News, written by Terry Webb, assistant professor at Cuyahoga Community College. Prof. Webb offers some helpful, practical advice for our high school graduates who are just starting out in college.
Pray for our young scholars!
“The transition to college brings a significant level of uncertainty, particularly for a first generation college student. This uncertainty exists primarily because of the unknown.  High school graduates transitioning to college often lack preparation before entering the halls of post-secondary academia. Too many wait until the last minute and do not fully capitalize on available services such as College Now or TRIO programs such as Upward Bound.
So what should teens know before taking this giant step? The following is a list of things I wish someone had told me prior to transitioning to college:
 Learn to prioritize and manage time. Do not let it manage you.
 Reading is not studying. Learn the difference.
 Network and interact with a wide variety of people.
 Make time, even on weekends, to study and reflect on lessons.
 Schedule fun time and get involved in campus — but do it around academics.
 Control your attitude and emotions to present yourself in a positive light.
 Understand that people often view you by the company you keep.
 A real friend never discourages you from pursuing your studies.
 Seek out a mentor to assist with the transition to college. Limit advice from those who never set foot on a campus for the college experience.
 Talk to professors. They have a world of experience and knowledge to share.
 Use college counselors to stay on track.
 Understand your learning style and personal strengths.
 Acknowledge personal weaknesses and seek help to manage them.
 Write out SMART goals and find someone to hold you accountable for achieving them.
 Find and keep a group of academically focused individuals to study with.
 Take initiative and never assume something is someone else's job.
 Always be eager to learn. Never be afraid to ask questions.
 Be open to guidance — and criticism — from the appropriate people.
 Most importantly, always remember why you are in college and what you plan to do afterwards.
Much of the transition to college involves one's ability to reach out, reach up, speak up and stretch one's mind to develop his or her innate talents. It is imperative that a student understand who he or she is as a person and be ready to explore the campus and experience new cultures.
College is like a team sport and everyone has a place on that team. There may be failures, and that’s OK. Remember, failure is not final and not a reason to quit. It’s just a part of life’s process.” Success is part of life, too, after all. Be confident and go find it. (Reprinted with
permission from Sun News/cleveland.com. Article first appeared on July 20, 2017.)


2017 Jim Cozzens Memorial Scholarship Winners

The winners of the 2017 Jim Cozzens Memorial Scholarship have been selected. View the winning applications.


VIDEO of tips for Praying with Children

Praying with Children

Tips for bringing faith into the home and Praying with Children.
If we don’t introduce our kids to Jesus, who will?
Click on the hyperlink, not the picture to play.


Register Online for 2017 Golf Outing

Registration is now full for the 6th Annual St. Basil Golf Outing.  

All proceeds benefit the facilities and ministries of St. Basil the Great Parish
Check-in Time: 8:30 AM, Continental Breakfast, Open Driving Range
Shotgun Start: 10:00 AM, Scramble Format.  Lunch at the turn.  Cash Bar 3:30 PM. Dinner 4:00 pm.


Living Beatitudes: Fr. Walt’s Homily

Living Beatitudes

This week, if you do something for someone else for no other reason than to bring joy to their lives, blessed are you.

If you find yourself feeling the loss of a friend or loved one and, in missing them, you realize that you experienced the love of God in their love for you, blessed are you.

This week, if you put yourself second for the needs of another, blessed are you.

If you do the “right” thing when the conventional wisdom is to do the “smart” thing, blessed are you.

This week, if you forgive someone or if someone forgives you, blessed are you. Sometimes in the next few days, if you stop, unplug and spend even just a moment thinking about all the good in your life and find yourself embraced by a sense of gratitude, blessed are you.

This week, if you can diffuse someone’s anger, if you can bridge the chasm between you and another, if you bring a positive perspective to an otherwise negative situation, blessed are you.

If you risk being laughed at or misunderstood or if you endure a “funny look” from someone because you took a stand based on what was morally and ethically right, blessed are you.


You have reason to be glad.

In the blessing’s you give, you have been blessed.


St. Michael School Information Night

Parents interested in a Catholic elementary education for their children in Preschool, Jr. Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First Grade are welcome to attend an Information Night on Thursday, January 19, 2017 from 6:30 – 8 pm in the St. Basil Parish Education Center.