St. Basil Intramural CYO Sports

For 2019-20, there are no intramural programs being offered at St. Basil. 


St. Basil Camp Registration Instructions

Everything you need to complete registration can be found here.

Required Items:

  • Online registration – Registration can be completed at the registration link below.  
    • It is completed within the Sports Pilot website.  In order to register, a family registration must be created, with children added to the family.  Once there is a family account with the athlete added, the athlete can be signed up for the individual sport.
    • More detailed instructions on the Sports Pilot registration can be found below.
  • Concussion Awareness Information – All parents should read and retain this form to understand more about concussions and what actions will be taken if an athlete is suspected of sustaining a concussion.

Sports Pilot Registration Instructions for St. Basil Camps and Clinics:

  1. Click on the Registration Link above.
  2. If you’ve added your family account already, you can login or request to have your login emailed to you. Otherwise, click ‘Add a New Family’
  3. Enter the main parent/guardian on the account; this person will be the main point of contact with any information coming from the St. Basil Athletic Association
  4. After the initial parent/guardian is added you will be taken to the family account page. You need to add your child(ren) by clicking ‘Add Child’ as well as any other parents or guardians you want on the family account.  Multiple children and parents can be added to a single account.
  5. Once the family account has all members added, you can register for any open programs simply by clicking ‘Begin Registration’.
  6. Chose the ATHLETE you intend to register for the camp.
  7. Chose the Program for which you would like to register.
  8. This will take you through a few selection screens, at which point you will have to agree to the Terms of Service for St. Basil Athletic Association and SportsPilot, fill out the remaining registration form, and verify that all the information you are submitting is correct.
  9. NOTE:  For St. Basil Camp Registration, if you are not a St. Basil Parishioner:
    1. Choose “ERF Submission” for Athlete Eligibility,
    2. Choose “Other/Not On List” for Parish. 
    3. Enter today’s date for the “Physical Exam Date.”
  10. After verifying and submitting the registration form, choose the “Add Registration” button to put the registration in the your cart.  If you have additional athletes to register, repeat steps 6-10 to add them.  Once all athletes are registered, chose “Quit Registration”.
  11. Click on the cart icon at the top of the page to complete the checkout.  You must checkout to complete the payment process and confirm your athlete’s registration.