St. Basil Athletic Participation / Registration Procedure

In order to participate in the CYO or intramural sports programs offered here at St. Basil’s, the athlete must be a member of a registered parish family or be enrolled in the St. Basil Parish School of Religion (PSR).  Athletes from neighboring parishes may participate in a program offered at St. Basil as long as their parish does not offer the same sport and as room on teams permits.  The required registration paperwork and fee must be received prior to the deadlines published in the parish bulletin.

Everything you need to complete registration can be found here.

Required Items:

  • Online registration – Registration can be completed at the registration link below.
    • It is completed within the Sports Pilot website.  In order to register, a family registration must be created, with children added to the family.  Once there is a family account with the athlete added, the athlete can be signed up for the individual sport.
    • More detailed instructions on the Sports Pilot registration can be found below.

St. Basil Athletic Association (CYO) Pre-Participation Clearance Via Privit

Moving forward, St. Basil Athletic Association will continue to use Privit to manage the Pre-participation Clearance Process for all athletes, without exception.  A pre-participation sports physical which was completed less than 12 months from the end of the upcoming season is required of all participants.  With this new arrangement with Privit, parents will manage their child’s documents and forms will not be submitted to the coaches. 
Note that the following process MUST be completed prior to your athlete participating or attending any practices or games:
  • Please go to the following link to complete the Pre-Participation Clearance process.   Note that several forms require the athlete’s signature in order to be marked as “Completed.”
  • Note that a completed OHSAA physical form is an acceptable upload for the “Completed Physical” step, but all other steps need to be completed. 
  • There is no charge to athletes or families for use of the Privit system for St. Basil.
  • If you already have a Privit profile for your athlete, login with your existing credentials and their information will be ported over to our system and you will not need to reenter it.
  • If your athlete has competed recently with St. Basil and had submitted a physical form which is still valid, you can restore that form by going to “Manage Documents.”  Click on the “Archived” tab and look for the “Restore” option next to your previously uploaded physical form.

Sports Pilot Registration Instructions:

  1. Click on the Registration Link above.
  2. If you’ve added your family account already, you can “Begin Registration.”  Enter your account information or request to have your login emailed to you.  Once logged in, skip to step 
  3. If you are new to St. Basil CYO, click “Account” and then  “Create a New Account”
  4. Enter the main parent/guardian on the account; this person will be the main point of contact with any information coming from the St. Basil Athletic Association
  5. After the initial parent/guardian is added you will be taken to the family account page. You need to add your child(ren) by clicking ‘Add Child’ as well as any other parents or guardians you want on the family account.  Multiple children and parents can be added to a single account.
  6. Once the family account has all members added, you can register for any open programs simply by clicking ‘Begin Registration’.
  7. Choose the ATHLETE that you intend to register for the CYO Program.  A list of available programs for that Athlete will be brought up.  Click through the following steps to choose the program and age group for the athlete.  This will take you through a few selection screens, at which point you will have to agree to the Terms of Service for St. Basil Athletic Association and SportsPilot, fill out the remaining registration form, and verify that all the information you are submitting is correct.
  8. After verifying and submitting the registration form, choose the “Add Registration” button to put the registration in the your cart.  
  9. If you have additional athletes to register, repeat step 7 & 8 to add them.  Once all athletes are registered, chose “Quit Registration”.
  10. Click on the cart icon at the top of the page to complete the checkout.  You must checkout to complete the payment process and confirm your athlete’s registration.

SBAA Covid-19 Monitoring Form and Process:

Teams are required to complete and submit the SBAA Covid-19 Monitoring form for all practices and games, regardless of the location:
  1. The Approved Monitoring Form is found here, in fillable PDF: SBAA Covid Monitoring Form
  2. Monitors are encouraged to add the team roster to the PDF before printing to facilitate an expedited screening process.
  3. The SBAA Screening Procedure is documented here:  2020_SBAA_Covid_Screening_Procedure
  4. Upon completion of the screening process, monitors should complete the following Google Form:  SBAA Monitoring Form Submission
  5. Completed paper monitoring forms are required to be submitted to the Parish Office.  Paper Forms MUST be completed for every event.