There is an ancient tradition in the Church of speaking about the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The custom can be traced to Isaiah 11:1-3, and it sets down the following gifts:
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  • Knowledge – the gift of knowing the truth; knowing the Father and Jesus the Savior whom He sent among us.  
  • Wisdom – the power to see all things as God sees them.
  • Understanding – the gift of understanding God’s revelation.
  • Counsel – the gift of helping us to see just what we should do in a difficult situation.
  • Fortitude – the power to carry through joyfully what we know to be right.
  • Piety – the gift that leads us to feel for God the love that a child feels for a loving parent and enables us to see all others as our brothers and sisters.
  • Fear of the Lord – the gift that enables us to be willing to respond to the impulses of the Holy Spirit and gives us a fear of being separated from God.
It is important to remember, though, that being a Christian is the first gift of the Holy Spirit, and that each person has special gifts which the Holy Spirit uses for the good of the whole Church.