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If you are considering going on a mission trip with the team, there are several things you must consider and a few things to do. Below are some answers to some questions you may have to help you make your decision. Once you have decided to go, there are some forms to fill out beforehand.

When are trips planned and what is the length of the trip?What are the travel arrangements to Honduras and San Francisco de la Paz?What do I need in order to make the trip?Do I need to be able to speak Spanish?What is the cost of the trip?What are the living accommodations?What can I contribute?Who can go on a Mission Trip?
The Honduras Mission averages three to four trips per year, typically scheduled in January, March/April, July/August and November. The length of each trip varies – ranging from one week to 10 days to two weeks, including two full days for travel.
Our mission teams travel via United Airlines, with a connection in Houston, to the Honduran capital city, Tegucigalpa. Once the dates of the trip are confirmed, travelers can book their own flights or the Saint Basil Parish secretary can assist the traveler with making flight reservations. Travelers are responsible for paying the full cost of their airfare, which averages $800 – $1000 per person, round trip. Upon arrival at the airport in Tegucigalpa, we pick up rental trucks for the four-hour trip to San Francisco de la Paz.
Travelers to Honduras need to make arrangements in advance to obtain a passport and immunizations. Applications can be made at the Post Office for anyone not holding a current passport. Processing takes about ten weeks. If you passport expires within six months of your trip, you will need to have your passport renewed. The Center for Disease Control recommends the following immunizations: Malaria preventative, Tetanus (should be updated every ten years), Typhoid and Hepatitis Type A. Arrangements for these immunizations  can be made through Cleveland Clinic Marymount Travel Clinic by calling 216-518-3655 or University Hospitals by calling 216-844-8500 (the recording indicates you have reached the medicine scheduling office; stay on the line for an operator and ask for the travelers clinic office). If possible, immunizations should be done at least 60 days in advance of departure date.
No. Although very few of the Hondurans who we encounter on our mission speak English, we have not experienced a problem with communication. We typically arrange for a translator to accompany our mission team, especially the medical/dental missions. We also have one or two people on each of the trips that are fluent in Spanish and help with translation.
The total cost for the trip will average about $900-$1,100, depending on the price of airfare at the time of the trip. This includes airfare; $150 for immunizations; $100 for a passport if you don’t currently have one; $85 for accommodations and meals at the Marriott Hotel the night before departure to return home; and $39 departure tax per person that is paid at the Honduras Airport (Cash is necessary). Travelers are encouraged to use frequent flier miles to defray the cost of the airfare. All expenses related to the mission are tax deductible. In addition, it is our hope that you will see these expenses as an investment in your personal growth, and as a contribution of service to the people of Honduras.
During your stay in Honduras, you will be staying at the Hogar del Nino. Originally constructed as a children’s medical hospital, the facility is secure with a gate that is locked 24 hours a day to keep visitors from wandering in and out. Sleeping arrangements are in dormitory-style rooms with shared restroom and shower facilities. Beds are provided, however you need to bring linens (for twin beds) and pillows. Showers are with cold water and you will need to bring your own towel, washcloth and soap. Two meals a day will be prepared by a Honduran cook. The members of the mission team share the responsibility for preparing the meal which wasn’t prepared for us; and that varies between breakfast and dinner.
There is plenty of work to do in Honduras, even if you have no medical or contruction experience. Typically, we have at least one person who is skilled in construction and can lead teams involved in various projects. Our teams have worked on a variety of projects including construction of small churches and houses, building and installing water purification systems, framing and painting dormitory rooms, and a variety of maintenance and repairs to improve the living accommodations at the Orphanage in Juticalpa and at the Hogar del Nino in San Francisco de la Paz. The Medical mission teams always have a need for assistance with their work in the villages and at the clinic. Some of the upcoming mission trips will involve conducting needs assessments in some of the surrounding villages.
The Saint Basil Honduras Mission is an adult mission, for anyone 18 or older. However, teenagers who are accompanied by a parent may join the mission teams. Groups are limited to 12 members, on a first come, first served basis. Anyone is welcome to join our mission teams, however preference will be given to Saint Basil parishioners. For more information, plan to attend one of the informational meetings or complete a trip application.