Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Formerly known as Eucharistic Ministers, Extraordinary Ministers help the priest with the distribution of the Body and Blood of Jesus at Mass. Many also minister to the sick and housebound by taking them Communion and praying with them.


Greeters are ministers of hospitality who help worshipers feel welcome as they enter our church. A smile and a warm greeting by an individual greeter or entire greeter families is a sign that our parish is an inviting and caring community.


Lectors proclaim the Word of God to the congregation. Through this ministry they witness their faith and call others to meet God in the Scriptures. This requires practice and a devotion to the study of the Word of God.

Music Ministers

Music Ministers are singers and instrumentalists who use their talents to aid the congregation in sung prayer. Ensembles include: the Sunday Adult Choir (traditional choral), the Saturday Adult Choir (contemporary style with guitars and instruments), the Youth Choir (singers in grades 3 through 8), Youth Cantors (Junior/Senior High singers-audition necessary) and Adult Cantors (stronger singers-audition necessary). More involvement is possible based on interest and availability.  



Adult Servers are men and women who volunteer to serve weekday Masses and funerals. In addition to serving at the altar, they prepare the sacred vessels for Eucharist, prepare the charcoal for the incense, etc. Training of new adult altar servers is done as needed throughout the year by appointment. Contact Terri Shawhan at the rectory office or tshawhan@basilthegreat.org.

Youth Servers for our weekend Masses and weddings are boys and girls from sixth through twelfth grade who have successfully completed the training program.  If interested, provide information here.


Ushers are men and women who welcome the faithful to the liturgy, take up the collection, and distribute the Parish Bulletin after Mass.