Respect Life

The mission of the
Respect Life Committee is to Foster the Culture of Life at St. Basil the Great parish.
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As disciples of Jesus, we are called to become neighbors to everyone, and to show special favor to those who are poorest, most alone and most in need.  In helping the hungry, the thirsty, the foreigner, the naked, the sick, the imprisoned – as well as the child in the womb and the old person who is suffering or near death – we have the opportunity to serve Jesus.


— Pope John Paul II – The Gospel of Life, no. 87


This cornerstone will identify and coordinate educational opportunities for all of us on the call of the Gospel to create a “Culture of Life” today in ourselves, our families, schools, parishes, communities and the world.   It is only by teaching the Gospel of Life that we can hope to create this culture that will provide a foundation for the next generation upon which to build.

Life Education Cornerstone will support:

  • Natural Family Planning (NFP) Awareness
  • Choose Life School based programs
  • Explanation of intrinsic evils


This cornerstone focuses on defending the Church’s teachings of the sanctity of life, from conception to natural death, in the public square by forming an educated electorate.

Voter Education Cornerstone provides:

  • Assistance in conscience formation
  • USCCB policy positions on major issues
  • Church’s teachings on the relationships between Christian faith and political life
  • Support for voter registration
  • Letter writing campaigns to elected officials on pro-life issues

This cornerstone does not support or oppose any candidate or party, but focuses attention on the moral and human dimensions of the issues.



Promotion of the sanctity of life from conception until natural death spreads with communication through all available media.

The Communications Cornerstone will:

  • Research key prolife concepts and communicate them to the parish through bulletin articles
  • Oversee phone and email trees amongst interested parishioners for communicating prolife news and action items
  • Create and maintain a prolife brochure rack in the parish
  • Support the other three Cornerstones of the committee in their communication efforts.



This cornerstone focuses on building personal commitment to defend the Church’s teachings by providing opportunities for parishioners to become involved in life affirming activities.

The Event Planning Cornerstone provides these opportunities for personal involvement:

  • Prayer Vigils at abortion clinics
  • 40 Days for Life campaigns
  • Pro-Life Speakers series
  • Pro-Life Holy Hours
  • Bus trips to the National March for Life
  • Cleveland’s Annual March for Life (Januarys)